Celebrity of the Year Finalist #3: Speidi

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As 2008 winds down, it's time to reflect upon those - from household names to relative unknowns, from A- to D-list - who made this year so memorable.

The Hollywood Gossip is unveiling 10 finalists for its 2nd Annual Celebrity of the Year award. They've given us their best, their worst, even their nude pictures in some cases. Now it is time for us to give something back with this moving tribute.

We previously profiled America's favorite unwed teen mom, Jamie Lynn Spears. Today, we present Celebrity of the Year finalist #3 … Speidi!

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag of The Hills, that is. As if you didn't know that by now. The plastic pair is everywhere these days. Everywhere.

Since their rise to quasi-fame on the MTV "reality" show, the gruesome twosome has worked the celeb gossip game to a T, staging photo shoots, causing one controversy after another and becoming as ever-present as stars with actual talent.

And that was BEFORE their sham secret wedding!

To the surprise of no one everyone, Spencer got Heidi drunk and talked her into getting married in Mexico. No one was present but the MTV cameras and Us Weekly photographers they hold dear. It doesn't get more magical than that.

Despite lingering doubts as to the legitimacy of their union, and the nausea they inspire at every turn, Speidi keeps on doing what it does best: make news.

Here's a little photo tribute to the glory that is Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Click to enlarge... but be sure to keep a paper bag handy just in case:

Heidi and Spencer at LAX
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Pratt
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