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The most searched-for celebrity online in ’08 was Britney Spears.

But who will be unveiled as Barbara Walters’ coveted, completely arbitrary Most Fascinating Person of the Year? Here’s two hints:

  1. Britney Spears did not win this one, unfortch.
  2. It’s one of the individuals pictured below …
Tom Cruise in 2015

Who’s the most fascinating of these celebrities? Follow the jump to find out

It’s Barack Obama!

The first African-American to be elected president was an obvious choice, even up against the likes of Tom Cruise (#2) and his former Republican rival on the national political stage this year, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (#3).

Actor Frank Langella ranked #4 for his upcoming role as President Richard Nixon in Nixon/Frost. Barbara Walters, who used to be, like, a real journalist at one point, predicts he will nab an Oscar nomination for the role.

Thomas Beatie – a.k.a. the pregnant man – was No. 5.

The rest of the list was as follows: Rush Limbaugh (#6); Tina Fey (#7); Miley Cyrus (#8); the swimmer boyfriend of Caroline Pal (#9); Will Smith (#10).