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Not really. It’s not a happy place. Not that we are the least bit sympathetic toward Raffaello Follieri. We’re just saying. He hates it in there. Sucker.

The convicted felon ex-boyfriend of Anne Hathaway says his health has deteriorated due to “unspeakably unsanitary” jail conditions he must endure.

He has requested a transfer. Good luck with that.

Raffaello Follieri once enjoyed a lavish lifestyle and dated Hathaway for years before he was arrested in June for fraud in an elaborate real estate scam.

Since he was sentenced to four and a half years in the slammer for fraud last month, he has had to contend with rotten food, foul odors and unclean toilets and as result is running a fever and has blood in his urine, his lawyer said Wednesday.

“He can’t eat because the food appears to be spoiled and the toilet and shower facilities are unspeakably unsanitary,” a letter from Flora Edwards reads. “There is excrement in the shower and rats roam freely in the area. The stench is intolerable.”

On the flip side, if it makes the incarcerated Raffaello feel better, some of our interns have said the same things about The Hollywood Gossip’s office park.

Follieri is being held in a windowless dormitory with 120 other men. Edwards requested he be moved to a different jail while awaiting transfer to a prison.

The a$$ clown pleaded guilty to netting at least $2.4 million from a scheme that exaggerated (or made up, to be more accurate) Vatican ties to mislead investors into thinking he could buy the Catholic Church’s real estate at cheaper prices.

Hathaway, who starred in The Devil Wears Prada and is now dating Adam Shulman, whoever that is, said she was shocked when Follieri was arrested.