Publicist Admits: Adrienne Bailon Nude Photos Were Staged!

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Looks like there's a clear cut winner in our most recent celebrity gossip face-off.

Publicist Jonathan Jaxson admits that he and Adrienne Bailon were responsible for the story that racy photos were stolen from the singer's laptop. Jaxon says the pics were leaked "purely to get attention." Absolutely shocking, we know.

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In an interview with a local CBS affiliate, Jaxson confirmed what anyone with brain has surmised all along: the entire naked picture scandal was made up in order to "juice" Bailon's career.

"What better way to do that than to say that nude pictures could have been stolen from her laptop?" Jaxson asked, as if that's the only way any singer has ever made it to the top.

Adrienne Bailon purposely leaked her own naked photos. Paris Hilton must be so proud!

This jackass of a publicist also admitted to having staged numerous past publicity stunts.

For example, he arranged for cameras to follow Kim Kardashian out of a jewelery store a few months ago in order to fuel rumors that she was engaged to Reggie Bush.

We're sorry to raise the curtain on such antics, gossip lovers. It doesn't mean that everything you read and see is fake. It's safe to assume that Britney Spears truly is clinically insane.

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