Britney Spears Heads to Court to Discuss Tour

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Britney Spears was in court Friday to talk business pertaining to dad Jamie Spears' control over her estate - namely, her plans for an upcoming tour.

"There isn't a lot I can tell you about it," court spokesman Allan Parachini said during a press conference afterward. "There was discussion of Ms. Spears' future immediate business plans. Particularly touring in support of her album."

Jamie Spears' conservatorship, signed off on February 1 when Britney Spears was briefly hospitalized for a psych evaluation, was made permanent last month, meaning her camp will have to file a separate petition to extract herself from it.

The hearing in downtown Los Angeles was most certainly not called, though, to address a change in the conservatorship arrangement, Parachini added.

Another promotional photo for Britney Spears new album, Circus.

"No, that did not come up. I have been asked by a couple of you whether the purpose of today's proceedings was to express a desire for a change in the status of the conservancy. No, she didn't raise that. That didn't come up."

"It was not part of today's hearing. It was about the tour. She has an album that is coming out. All of what is necessary to support the album."

Clad in a black dress and stiletto heels, Britney Spears arrived with her dad, parking underground (and surrounding herself with sheriff's deputies) to best avoid the paparazzi.

On her way out of the courthouse, however, she smiled (and said, "Thank you," when complimented on her appearance) at reporters.

The "Womanizer" songstress then held what looked like a board game or other flat object in front of her face to prevent the celebrity news media from taking her picture in the car on her way out of the garage.

Spears' upcoming album, Circus, is due out December 2, the singer's 27th birthday. A documentary about it, "For the Record," airs November 30. Some awesome Britney Spears videos featuring clips of this have been released already.

Apparently a tour will follow after.

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