Rumored Couple Alert: Guy Ritchie and Kelly Reilly

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While rumors surrounding Alex Rodriguez and Madonna continue to heat up, it looks like her estranged husband, Guy Ritchie, has already moved on.

If you believe celebrity news reports, Madonna's soon-to-be ex has taken up with British actress Kelly Reilly, who's in his new Sherlock Holmes flick.

Ritchie demanded a divorce earlier this month after Page Six reported that Madonna and Alex Rodriguez had dinner at Dos Caminos on Third Avenue.

Is Guy Ritchie sleeping with Kelly Reilly to get back at Madonna?

The new Kabbalah couple are so tight, the Yankee slugger has registered his car and given a pic to managers of Madonna's Central Park West building.

That way, he can stop by at will to continue his affair of the heart (and possibly more), just like he did the night his second child was born. Class act.

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