Peter Cook Denies Being Pervert, Wants Respect

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Three months after a bitter (and eye-opening) divorce was settled, Christie Brinkley's ex-husband Peter Cook says he was wrongly portrayed in court.

"I'm not the ... pervert that I've been painted to be," Cook tells Barbara Walters in an interview that will air Friday on ABC's 20/20.

Britney Spears' new video will also air during the program.

Asked why he was speaking out, Peter Cook, who admitted to having an affair with 18-year-old assistant Diana Bianchi and an online porn habit, said:

"The misinformation that came out during the trial is the elephant in the room. It's the elephant in the room as far as how my kids see me."

Peter Cook also said Christie Brinkley didn't given him enough respect.

"I wanted a little acknowledgement, a little attention, a little thank you every now and then for my efforts, for the amount of time I took to care for her and my family, for the wealth I was building. Just the tremendous amount of work I was putting into my family... My world became her world. It had to be that way."

Brinkley's lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen, released a statement Tuesday saying that Cook may face legal action for speaking out about the case.

"It is shocking that Peter Cook, after his day in court, would continue a firestorm created by his bizarre behavior by violating a court order that prohibits either party from discussing their marriage or divorce in any public way," Cohen says.


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