Lindsey Evans Joins List of Disgraced Beauty Queens

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Somewhere, Tara Conner is raising a drinkĀ  - or two dozen - to Lindsey Evans.

The reigning Miss Teen Louisiana was arrested last night for allegedly running out on a restaurant bill... for $46.07.

As TMZ reports, though, the story gets much better: Evans forgot her purse in the restaurant, came back for it and was popped for possession of the marijuana inside it. The beauty queen has been charged with theft and pot possession.

Evans' reign ends next month, not a minute too soon for pageant officials.

Lindsey Evans Mug Shot

Lindsey Evans smiles broadly for her mug shot. This pageant champion is always working it.

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Lindsey Evans Biography

Lindsey Evans Mug Shot
Lindsey Evans won the 2007 Miss Teen Louisiana Pageant. In October 2008, she then was arrested for not paying a restaurant bill and... More »
Blanchard, Louisiana
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Lindsey Evans