The Hills Recap: "You Always Miss a Best Friend"

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A few points before we recap last night's episode of The Hills ...

  • Heidi Montag celebrated her 22nd birthday yesterday - 22 going on 62.
  • Spencer Pratt is becoming more of a Spencer Pratt caricature each week.
  • Justin Bobby is a d!ck. He is a f*%king d!ckhead. We realize this is The Hills, and not something we should actually care so much about, but if Audrina Patridge keeps this worthless d-bag around, she obviously has no self-respect.

Anyway. The broken friendship of Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag once again took center stage as Heidi's sister, Holly Montag, says she misses LC!

Spencer Pratt? Not thrilled by this comment.

He hilariously forbid Holly from seeing Lauren as long as she was staying with them, while Heidi just sat there quietly. This guy is seriously amazing.

Seems his threats are a tad idle, though. Stephanie Pratt has stayed pals with Lauren thus far, and now Holly Montag seems intent on doing the same.

Disobeying the great Spencer - gasp! - Holly texted LC to set up lunch. OMFG!

Understandably, Lauren Conrad was apprehensive about going, since being friends with Stephanie Pratt has already resulted in mucho drama.

She went anyway, though, and listened as Holly Montag told her that Heidi was "overwhelmed" by the loss of her friendship with her.

In fact, this whole episode made it seem like the former BFFs really missed each other. No way that's actually true, but it makes for good TV.

Let's hear it for the editors at MTV, everyone!

Later, Justin-Bobby (a.k.a. Justin Brescia) acted like a complete d-bag.

At the same time Audrina keeps giving him more chances, he doesn't even care enough to show up at something really important to her. What a c0ck.

Audrina had to attend a big event for Epic Records - the president of the company was even coming - and while Lauren and Lo were kind enough to stop by (and even act nice to Audrina!), Justin-Bobby totally stood her up. Again.

But she'll take him back. The weak ones always cave eventually.

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