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KayCee Stroh may not be a household name, such as High School Musical co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron.

But the actress still plays a significant role in the franchise. She talked about it in a recent interview:

Q: Is your character in the 3rd edition, the same pop and lock Martha from High School Musical 2? How has her character evolved?
KayCee Stroh: A lot, in this movie. I’m very happy for Martha in this movie. She has grown a lot. She gets to do drum rolls and lots of percussion. She is head cheerleader in this movie and I think it’s a wonderful message that if you step out of your box and decide “I’m gonna be myself,” whether people like it or not, look how you can grow in three years. She’s like ruling the school now and not like “I’m shy! And I wanna do this…”

Q: What’s something surprising you’ve seen behind the scenes that fans wouldn’t know about?
KayCee Stroh: A lot of fans wouldn’t know that a lot of us do very different things in our spare time. For instance, you’d look over and see Lucas writing and directing his own stuff and making music and things like that. Corbin Bleu, Ryan Sanborn, and I went camping on our spare time and had a camp fire. So I think it’s very shocking because a lot of fans see us as movie stars and don’t see us as regular people doing regular people things. “Corbin’s chopping wood!,” is sort of a funny thought to them.