Cody Linley Flirts with Miley Cyrus... on Television

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Should Justin Gaston be jealous of Cody Linley?

The Hannah Montana co-star plays Jake, Miley Cyrus' love interest on the hit show.

Drunk Cody Linley

In the following old interview, though, Linley makes it apparent that he and Miley are nothing more than friends.


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Cody and Julianne
Cody Linley is a young actor best known for his work alongside Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana. He was chosen for the seventh season of... More »
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Cody Linley

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It's important to stand up for what you believe in.

Cody Linley

Right now, we're just very close friends.

Cody Linley [on Miley Cyrus]