Tila Tequila and Courtenay Semel: A PDA Display

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While we support the relationship of Lindsay Lohan and Samanta Ronson, we'd like to see that couple look remotely happy together for a change. The girlfriends sneer in public more than they snuggle.

That certainly isn't the case for the latest lesbian liason, Tila Tequila and Courtenay Semel.

These two reality TV stars have been spotted all over Hollywood this summer, unafraid to kiss, hug or hold hands. Based on Tila's track record, it's hard to have confidence that this pairing will work out.

For now, though, they're gonna milk it for all the publicity it's worth!

Courtenay Semel has seen Tila Tequila nude. Then again, so has every guy with a Penthouse subscription.

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Tila Tequila got famous via MySpace and used this fame pose for Playboy and Penthouse. She's also starred in the aptly named MTV reality... More »
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They are much hotter this time. Before season 1, I didn't know that I would be into the dikish kind of girls. I thought I was only into lipstick lesbians. But the show actually helped me open up and I realized that I do like the butchy girls a lot.

Tila Tequila [on season two contestants]

I think nerdy stuff is sexy. I like to watch the History Channel and learn about the universe, quantum physics and stuff like that.

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