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Having already overcome a dangerous foot injury, Kim Kardashian is getting down to Dancing with the Stars business.

The large-boobed reality TV star told Us Weekly that she’s been practicing her moves for the show on boyfriend Reggie Bush.

“I went to New Orleans a few days ago… just for the night,” she said. “I have a brace that helps me with my posture and I was wearing it and he was looking at me like I was crazy.”

Kim Kardashian likes to dance for Reggie Bush. We bet she does!

From there, Kim got really personal.

“I was doing my full dance in front of him, but it’s hard because I kind of have to teach him and I’m just learning myself – so I couldn’t confuse him. He gets so excited.”

Somewhere, Ray J nodded in agreement, having experienced that feeling many times himself with Kardashian.