Love Lips' Account of Rielle Hunter Affair: Shady

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John Edwards’ explanation of his affair with Rielle Hunter includes a good number of obvious lies apparent inconsistencies, going against his assertion that he was telling “99 percent” of the truth before coming clean on Friday.

Edwards admitted to the affair with Hunter, saying it began in 2006. He denied it for months after reports by the National Enquirer in October.

But discrepancies between his story and the timeline of events raise doubts about whether Edwards' attempts to come clean are half-truths at best.

A former close friend to John Edwards’ mistress said late Monday that the former presidential candidate’s affair began in February or early March of 2006 - or 3-4 months before Rielle Hunter was hired to work for his campaign.

Rielle Hunter Picture (John Edwards' Mistress)

RIELLE-D UP: John Edwards isn't getting off that easy with us.

That's contrary to Edwards’ claim that the relationship began after Hunter was hired to film Edwards for a series of documentary-style web videos.

Pigeon O’Brien said by the time Hunter was signed on to the Edwards campaign as a videographer — for $114,000 — they were already getting it on.

“The affair began before [Rielle Hunter] was hired to work for the campaign,” said O’Brien. "She said that [John Edwards] was in love with her and she was in love with him and that the relationship was solid."

But Edwards said Friday that Hunter’s hiring in July 2006 had nothing to do with the affair, and that in fact the affair began after that.

In his written statement admitting the affair, Edwards said the “misconduct took place for a short period in 2006. It ended then.”

But according to reports, Hunter wrote e-mails in early April about a trip she took to North Carolina to see her “love lips.”

Campaign finance records also show Hunter received her first payment in July 2006. Other loose threads are also unraveling for Edwards.

After John Edwards was infamously caught in the act by the Enquirer visiting Rielle Hunter in late July at the Beverly Hilton hotel, the former North Carolina senator said that that rendezvous was only arranged last minute.

But a National Enquirer reporter told FOX News that they got a tip “a while ago” that Edwards would be at that hotel, and that “we had some time to implement a plan” to corner him and confront him, which they did.

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