Naked Ashley Dupre Coming to a Store Near You

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Former N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer thought Ashley Dupre was hot enough to fork over $4,300/hour and a career in politics for. We'll soon get a chance to see why.

Now that Ashley Dupre dropped her lawsuit (for $10 million) against Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild, the sleazy entrepreneur says he's now got him "the green light" to release her crazy skin show from Spring Break 2003.

Ashley Dupre the Whore

For those who may have forgotten, Francis offered Dupre $1 million to bare all for his videos and mags as soon as the Spitzer call-girl scandal broke. He then discovered that he had file footage of her when she was 17, natch.

Joe says he's got footage of Ashley Dupre in "some very interesting sexual situations." Maybe he and Eliot Spitzer can meet up and compare notes.

Follow the jump for some still photos of Ashley Dupre nude from the Girls Gone Wild vault. Odds are this is just the beginning of what Joe's got ...

Before she took her clothes off for money as a hooker, Ashley Dupre was taking them off for free and hanging out on the Girls Gone Wild bus. Quality individual.

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It is incomprehensible that Ms. Dupré could claim she did not give her consent to be filmed by Girls Gone Wild, when in fact we have videotape of her giving consent, while showing her identification.

Joe Francis [on Ashley Dupre lawsuit]

Shayne has a genuine ‘girl next door’ quality. But she also happens to be very hot.

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