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Sorry, Elyse Umemoto. A beauty pageant contestant who hasn’t posed in racy photos is taking over the news.

Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza – a 22-year old, green-eyed beauty – was crowned the winner of the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant this weekend.

Mendoza was actually once kidnapped in her homeland, leading her to say “I want to raise my voice and tell the world that violence is not the answer” following her victory.

A moving story and difficult competition for Miss USA Crystle Stewart to compete with… especially after she tripped over her evening gown during her entrance. Sadly, amazingly, this was the second consecutive year the American representative in the competition fell to the ground during the evening gown portion of the event.

It’s not just the Iraq war giving us am embarrassing reputation around the world.

Dayana Mendoza celebrates her Miss Universe crown.