Christie Brinkley, Peter Cook Up Divorce Settlement

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An exuberant-looking Christie Brinkley said she "can't really regret" her marriage to Peter Cook, noting that out of the union came daughter Sailor.

But she was still feeling triumphant after reaching a surprise settlement Thursday morning in her divorce trial from her cheating hubby.

Brinkley received sole custody of the couple's children, Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10, and gets to keep all 18 of their properties in the Hamptons.

She did agree to pay $2.1 million to Cook, who also gets "parenting time." Hopefully he also gets some therapy for his "issues."

Brinkley called the divorce settlement "a very bittersweet moment," adding that "It really is the death of this marriage, but it's also I think a new start for all of us and I'm very pleased with the results today."

"I was fighting for custody. A mother's greatest fear is somebody trying to take away her children, take custody of her children. That's what I was up against. I've won custody and decision-making. That's all I ever wanted."

When asked whether she has any regrets about the ugly trial going on as far as it did, she said she really didn't have a choice.

"I was trying to settle the day I learned about the absolute truth about the facts," Brinkley said. "And I always wanted to settle but unfortunately we could not reach an agreement until 6 o'clock this morning."

Relaxed and upbeat, she laughed off a question about whether she has any thoughts of dating, announcing, "let's see how the summer goes."

In contrast, Cook hurried out of the courtroom ahead of Brinkley, telling reporters, "I got everything I've been asking for two years."

Presumably he will be boning some Diana Bianchi-like teenager by nightfall.

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