Raffaello Follieri: Indignant, Under House Arrest

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Anne Hathaway's ex, Raffaello Follieri, appeared in federal court Tuesday after his arrest on a dozen counts of money laundering, conspiracy and fraud.

Looking a little shabby in jeans, a blue sweater, a white collared shirt and disheveled hair, the hot shot real estate developer was placed under home detention until he can post bail, which is set at $21 million.

Raffaello Follieri Photograph

The 29-year-old appeared angry as prosecutors argued he had allegedly spent hundreds of thousands he bilked from investors to live a lavish lifestyle.

He constantly shook his head no, chuckled and made faces.

Raffaello Follieri isn't wearing any Italian suits (or smiles) now.

At one point, Follieri even spoke out, saying, "We paid that," when the prosecutor said he owed American Express more than $500,000.

The prosecution argued Raffaello Follieri is a con man and flight risk who would likely flee the country and had the means to do so. The prosecutor recommended that Follieri, who is not a U.S. citizen, should be deported ASAP.

According to attorneys, Follieri also tested positive for opiates from urine samples Tuesday after his arrest at Trump Tower at 6 a.m.

Of the $21 million bail, at least $16 million must be in cash or liquid assets and properties. The remaining $5 may be co-signed for by others.

Dumped by Anne Hathaway just a week or so ago after two prior arrests this year, Raffaello Follieri is under house arrest and wearing an electronic monitoring device. He may leave for legal, medical or religious reasons.

A status hearing is set for July 9.


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Raffaello Follieri Photograph
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