Face-Off: Which Celebrity Had the Worst Week?

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Paula Abdul. Rob Lowe. Roger Clemens. Miley Cyrus. Plenty of celebs had difficult weeks, and that's the subject of today's Face-Off. Your comments and opinions are encouraged as The Hollywood Gossip staff members debate ...


ROB & SHERYL LOWE by mischalova

There's an old saying in the world of celebrity gossip: Pose naked, make a buck. Cheat on your wife, you're still in luck. But discuss your children's penises with your nanny, and you're f*%ked.

As Keeley Hazell and Bill Clinton prove, respectively, the first two parts of this adage ring true. Now, sadly, Sheryl Lowe will find out the veracity of the third sentence.

For while some may believe that Miley Cyrus had an awful week, since when does getting naked have negative repercussions on a beautiful girl?

And while others may think Roger Clemens should be the most ashamed celebrity this week, he's probably happy to be in the news for non steroids-related issues.

But Laura Boyce says Mrs. Rob Lowe spoke of her children's genitals, inquired about the size of Dale Davis' schlong and laughed about her husband's broken cock rings. You recover from one of those things, two at most.

We can't see Sheryl Lowe coming back from all three.

ROGER CLEMENS by Free Britney

Having recorded 4,672 Ks in his major league career, Roger Clemens was a master of the strike zone. Who knew he also dominated so many females' erogenous zones! Three long-term mistresses? Overlapping? Talk about hitting your spots!

All of this is made worse by the fact that Mindy McCready was 15 when she met Clemens, and that the Rocket gave financial (in additional to sexual) support to her, as well as mistresses #2 and #3, Angela Moyer and Paulette Dean Daly.

Oh, right, and he was married to Debbie Clemens, with whom he has four kids, the entire time. And still is. We'll be pulling for you in divorce court, Deb.

Despite being a cocky son-of-a-b!tch who no one likes, and who cheated by taking HGH, then lied under oath about it, Clemens clung to his reputation as a good family man. Yet another farce from a disgraceful human being. Tough week, Rog!

Roger Clemens (with wife Debbie, left) vs. Rob Lowe (with wife Sheryl): Which of these embattled celebrities had the tougher week?

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