Reality Shows We'd Love to See This Summer

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We've concluded there aren't nearly enough reality TV shows. Especially not in the summertime. Sure, there may be, oh, 100 of them already. But there's always room to be found in our TV-loving, pop-culture worshiping hearts.

Here's a list of reality shows we'd like to see this season ...

I Love New Jersey: Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi compete against each other to determine who has more love for The Garden State.

Living Lively: Follow Gossip Girl star Blake Lively on and off the set of her hit CW series. Featuring cameos by co-star Penn Badgley!
Prancer with the Stars: Santa's reindeer takes a sleigh-pulling break to hang out with D-list celebrities. Okay, maybe we'll shelve this one 'til winter.

Keeping up with Ray J: Who cares about Kim and the other Kardashians. Let's take a look inside the life of the playa / sex tape cameraman himself!

Past Lovers

Wondering what Ray J is up to? Find out on an all-new episode!

Jailbait: Hayden Panettiere hosts a new dating show in which one bachelor must choose a bride from a group of 20 girls... half of whom are under 18!

Mel's Kitchen: Hidden cameras in Mel Gibson's kitchen capture him throwing out potato latkes, tearing up Chinese food menus and stabbing Kosher hot dogs with a menorah. What we're saying here is that he's not a fan of Jews.

Probation Nation: A glimpse inside the meetings between Jason Wahler and other troubled celebrities with their various probation and parole officers.

Port of Call: Stylish Whitney Port gets her own spin-off of The Hills and takes us even further inside the cutthroat world of fashion design and marketing.

LC-Ya! The Hills rules, but isn't it time for a Whitney Port spin-off?

Survive Her: Jeff Probst is locked in a room with... Hillary Clinton, Dina Lohan, Paris Hilton, Heidi Montag and other painful females. Good luck, buddy!

Iraq's Next Top Model: Hopeful contestants attempt to walk down the runway without any help at all from Tyra Banks or any American beauties. No finale date in sight. Runway may also contain land mines and roadside bombs.