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In addition to being a high-priced hooker, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, 22, is a budding singer – and has already banked an estimated $200,000 from online music downloads in the past week, according to the New York Post.

It’s hard to blame soon-to-be former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s prostitute for cashing in on the sex scandal… but come on, people. Put your money in a savings account instead, then go to her MySpace and have a listen for free. Sheesh.

Ashley Dupre made two tunes, “What We Want” and “Move Ya Body,” available for purchase as 99-cent downloads on music site Amie Street shortly after the scandal broke. Musicians can earn a 70 percent cut on download fees via the site.

“What We Want,” a pulsating dance tune, was also added to New York’s Z100 play list on Thursday (she first streamed it on her MySpace page).

But is Ashley Dupre merely cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame, or does she actually have a future in the music business? Some reviews so far …

“With MySpace, American Idol and cheap home-recording equipment demystifying the creation of pop music, there’s this idea that anyone can become a star if she tries hard enough. It’s not that simple, but [‘What we Want’] is not especially good or bad. It’s serviceable post-Britney Spears dance-pop, Dupre panting and sort of bleating over a clubby track with Middle Eastern pretensions, the sort of thing Scott Storch might make if he only had access to a $45 Casio.” – The Village Voice

“‘Move Ya Body,’ isn’t as good as ‘What We Want.’ It’s got a Britney Spears-ish ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’ feel, but it sounds like it’s not quite finished. Her vocals aren’t fully processed as she sings things like ‘Sex, money, drugs is what I’m all about, step your game up so you can see for yourself.’ Still, with a little polishing it could totally pass for a single from Spears or a lesser Pussycat Doll.” – Newsday

“Her song is absolutely terrible. If people are interested in signing her, then they shouldn’t be in the music business.” – Billboard