Matt Grant Narrows The Bachelor Field Some More

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On the second episode of this season of The Bachelor, the first group of women receive a date box and find out they'll be going to a runway show.

When Ashlee, Kristine, Marshana, Noelle, Michelle, Amanda, Erin H, and Holly arrive at a destination, they find out they'll be the ones modeling the clothing.

The next group of ladies - Amy, Carri, Chelsea, Erin S., Kelly, Robin, and Shayne Lamas - head to Las Vegas. Matt Grant tells them that they have 30 minutes to gamble and win themselves as much money as possible.

The woman with the most money wins a 30-minute date with Matt Grant.

How did Matt Grant make his decision and pare down the field?

Did Shayne Lamas make it? Who was this week's Stacey Elza?

Continue reading after the jump and find out!

When the girls finished flaunting their stuff on the runway, the partying continued as the girls fought for that coveted first rose of the night.

At the after party, Marshana pulled Matt aside to ask him if he would have an issue dating someone outside of his race. He assured her he would not.

Michelle, after having played the clarinet for Matt last week, broke out a song tonight that she had written for him. Not looking good here.

Ashlee proceed to lay her cards on the table, saying that she wanted to kiss Matt Grant ... and he let her. Hot moment!

Going balls out, as we might have guessed, Shayne Lamas goes all in, right off the bat, and loses it all in Vegas while Robin refuses to gamble at all.

Kelly is the one who ends up winning the date via gambling, but no sparks seem to fly during her time with Matt Grant

Shayne, fed up with competing with other girls, pulls Matt aside and says she doesn't want to wait in the wings.

Matt Grant spends some time getting to know Chelsea while Shayne Lamas waits for an opportunity to redeem himself.

He chooses to give the all-important rose to Chelsea while the other girls sit in bitter resentment. Shayne takes it especially hard.

Before Matt gives out the remaining roses, he spends time with the women at a cocktail party. He spends time with Robin and ends up kissing her.

At the rose ceremony...

  • Robin is called first. Yesss.
  • Holly is next, followed by ...
  • Erin S.
  • Amanda
  • Kelly
  • Amy
  • Kristine
  • Marshana
  • Noelle and, saving the best for last...
  • Shayne Lamas! Phew!

Matt Grant therefore sends Carri, Erin H., and Michelle home. So it goes. Just another night of drama on The Bachelor. We can't wait for next week.

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