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Ever since rumors of a Kristin Davis sex tape surfaced this week, people have been asking themselves repeatedly “Is that really Kristin Davis?”

Well, at least our interns have.

That’s their job, to figure these things out. Much like they’re currently racking their brains to see if the Lindsay Lohan sex tape pic is legit.

More on that later, but back to the subject of Davis. Kristin (if that’s actually her) did not star in a sex tape, it’s been discovered.

Still, ex-boyfriend Eric Stapelman allegedly took sexual photos of Kristin Davis naked, as well as of himself, waxing the actress’ booty repeatedly.

But is it even her? Most of the alleged sex pics are inconclusive.

Are these really naked Kristin Davis sex photos? The debate rages on.

Never to be outdone in the search for sex tape or nude photo truth, our friends at Egotastic have conducted their own in-depth analysis of the pictures.

Click on the photo below for the enlarged version – as well as to see more of their Kristin Davis pics. As you can see, the forensic breakdown is extensive …