Gold Dug, Heather Mills Wants Gag Order Lifted

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Just when you thought she might crawl back under the slimy rock from whence she came, Heather Mills' divorce battle with Paul McCartney may erupt again.

The legendary gold digger plans to return to court in a bid to get the gag order lifted on her case, according to the UK's Daily Star.

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If she succeeds, Mills, dubbed Mucca because of her porn past, will make millions in media deals, on top of the tens of millions in gold she's already dug.

She was evidently left reeling by Mr. Justice Bennett's judgment last week, in which he branded her a "fantasist" who "wholly exaggerated" the extent of her personal wealth before she met Sir Paul McCartney, 65.

Heather Mills' lawyer yesterday described the judge's 58-page verdict as a "prolonged hanging" which led to her suffering "blanket vilification."

Solicitor David Rosen revealed: "Heather is frustrated... She feels it is very unfair that the judgment should be printed in full when she cannot defend herself. She's planning to apply to lift the ban. It was damning enough that the judge made his judgment so clear and vividly ... no-one deserves that. It's like a prolonged hanging."

Allow us a brief pause in which we cry Heather Mills a frickin' river.

Beyond what the judge chose to disclose to the press, the hearings were covered by a confidentiality agreement, enforced by a court order. That means neither party is allowed to elaborate on what was said in the case.

But the upcoming Miss USA judge argues that now the judge has lifted the lid on some details, she wants to be able to put all her side of the exchanges.

She wants every word that was said during the nine days in the court made public. And she wants to be free to say what she wants about it.

A source said last night: "If she succeeds, her interviews will make amazing viewing and Sir Paul had better take cover."

So, expect a deluge of Heather Mills naked pics then?

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