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In response to a racy photo in which she allegedly flashed her “Britney,” Rock of Love contestant Daisy de la Hoya is lashing out at TMZ.

Why? Because while the scandalous photo was “censored” with a star supposedly covering u beave, it turns out Daisy was, in fact, wearing underwear.

Now the sultry niece of boxing champion Oscar de la Hoya is letting her frustration out on her MySpace blog, making it clear that if you do see Daisy de la Hoya nude someday, you can bet your ass you’re gonna be paying for it.

Daisy de la Hoya writes, with no apparent grasp of grammar or punctuation:

“This Is A Picture that is purely art!! Yes Its True… As Most of you know I am a Rock N Roll Bad Girl … But Come On … I Would Never Expose My Peek-a-choo … at least not on Myspace (only in playboy where you can buy a glimpse of it) LOL … Anyways Thanks TMZ for all the exposure… no punt [sic] intended!!!”

We’re sorry, too, Daisy. Though we would have liked it had you given us props on MySpace too. We called you out for going all Britney Spears on us … then we called you the Star Spangled Beaver! We are waiting to be chastised.