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According to pompous entertainment news reporter Perez Hilton, Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are dating.

“They’re really into each other. It’s serious,” a source told Perez.

While seemingly a useless, untalented ugly random couple, this pairing would actually make sense. Remember: Benji is the brother of Joel Madden, who is dating Paris’ occasional friend, Nicole Richie.

Did Benji Madden give up on seeing Sophie Monk nude in order to spend time in Paris… Hilton?

Reportedly, the Good Charlotte rocker accompanied Hilton on a work trip to St. Louis this weekend, while other sources are saying she may even have been a significant reason why the engagement between Benji and Sophie Monk was recently called off.

Leave a comment now and let us know: Is going from Monk to Hilton an upgrade or a downgrade?