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Not unlike his famous namesake, we don’t know exactly where Osama is, but law enforcement officials are investigating him and hunting him down.

According to TMZ, Osama Lutfi, better known as Sam Lutfi, is officially under investigation by the LAPD for allegedly drugging Britney Spears.

Law enforcement sources say the Major Crimes Division of the LAPD is on the case. The conservators of Britney’s estate, her father Jamie Spears and his lawyer Andrew Wallet, have complained that Sam drugged Britney.

Britney’s mom (and Jamie’s ex-wife), Lynne Spears, made this claim in court documents, saying Sam Lufti did it to “keep her under his control.”

The LAPD says its investigation of Sam Lutfi is “very much active.”

Laying low, Sam Lutfi could not be reached for comment, however, Michael Sands, his spokesperson, confirmed his client is aware of the investigation.

Britney Spears’ family is doing all it can to keep Lutfi away from her as she receives treatment for bipolar disorder. As conservator, Jamie Spears has control of Britney’s legal, medical and financial decisions until at least March 10.

Her brother, Bryan Spears, is also helping manage her money as a trustee of her estate until Britney is capable of handling her own affairs again.

However, in a bizarre legal twist, a lawyer filed legal papers in federal court Friday asking a judge to seize control of the conservatorship case on grounds that Britney Spears is at great risk in the L.A. County Court system.

Legal experts say the federal court may now have jurisdiction simply due to the paperwork being filed by New York lawyer Jon Eardley.

If the federal court has jurisdiction, we believe the conservatorship of Brit’s estate and all related court orders remain in effect, however, no further orders can be made or modified until a federal judge returns the case to the state.

It is not known who Jon Eardley is working for, but if you ask us, this filing (which came out of nowhere) reeks of a shady legal ploy by Sam Lutfi to wrest control of Britney Spears away from her family. We will keep you posted.