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So much to report from today’s court hearing over control of Britney Spears’ finances and medical decisions. Some of the headlines:

  • Jamie Spears is still the co-conservator of Britney Spears’ estate, as is Andrew Wallet. Britney’s lawyers had sought to remove him.
  • The court Commissioner did not give the conservators the power to fire Trope and Trope, Britney’s divorce lawyers, which they sought.
  • The Commissioner said, based on a restraining order, Sam Lutfi can have no contact whatsoever with Britney – including e-mails, phone, etc.
  • The conservatorship has been extended Valentine’s Day.
  • Adam Streisand has no legal basis for claiming he’s Britney’s new lawyer.
  • At some point, there will be a hearing to determine just how mentally competent Britney Spears even is at this time.
  • Michael Sands, a man hired by Mark Vincent Kaplan (K-Fed’s lawyer) to field media calls has been subpoenaed – and this is “substantial.”

Trope and Trope drafted the subpoena. Expect a fight over whether the info Michael Sands has is protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Today’s court proceedings were considered to be a showdown between Jamie Spears and arch-nemesis Sam Lutfi (above), who remains public enemy #1.

Earlier today, a lawyer for the conservators said they had been trying to serve Sam Lutfi with a restraining order prohibiting him from seeing Britney Spears, but he refused to open the door to accept service.

They mentioned that Sam Lutfi has spoken on the phone with Britney Spears, allegedly in violation of the restraining order against him.

Also today, a custody hearing involving Britney Spears, Kevin Federline and their two young sons took place, ending with the status quo prevailing.

There was supposed to be a hearing today on a motion for “visitation in a therapeutic setting” for Spears, but that motion was put off, because the therapeutic setting Britney’s in right now is … a psych ward.