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Bridget Moynahan, the ex-girlfriend / baby-mama of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, recently made a special guest appearance … on YouTube!

The 36-year-old actress is seen with her friend and birth partner, actor and former Star Search champ Sam Harris, on his Web site,

Harris, who apparently helped Bridget Moynahan give birth to her first child, tells the camera, as part of his regular “Friend Friday” series:

“I wiped amniotic fluid from between [Bridget’s] legs. It was the most amazing experience ever, ever. You were pretty incredible.”

The actress replies, “So were you.”

Well, okay then. Here’s the video.


“Little John, he’s perfection,” Harris added, in reference to her baby son John Edward Thomas Moynahan. Bridget clarifies, “He’s not so little.”

Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady broke up shortly before she announced her pregnancy. The actress gave birth to baby John last August.

When Harris asks, “What was the most difficult thing about the pregnancy?” Bridget laughs and responds, “What was the most difficult thing about the pregnancy? You know the most difficult thing about the pregnancy!”

Responds Harris: “Bad question.”

No word on how Bridget, John and this random dude celebrated as Eli Manning and the Giants stunned New England and its stud QB in Super Bowl XLII.