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Amy Winehouse has a Blake in her life. Blake Wood.

The singer’s pal, Kelly Osbourne, apparently introduced her to Wood, a U.S. photographer, who’s a tad different than Winehouse’s regular Blake.

Fielder-Civil, that is.

Amy Winehouse Tribute Pic

Turns out Blake 2.0 doesn’t drink or do drugs. He’s also a vegetarian.

In other words, this Wood character might have more in common with Blake Lively than he does with Blake Fielder-Civil.

Amy Winehouse and Blake Wood have reportedly been spending a lot of time together while her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is in prison and awaiting trial.

A source told the UK’s The Sun, “They’re staying in a hotel together and they might all move into Kelly Osbourne’s place when Amy finishes her recovery. He has met Amy’s family and they all really like him.”

Amy picked up five Grammy Awards the other night but her mind was still on her jailed hubby. If he ever gets out, he may just have to kill Blake 2.0 … only to end up back in prison. The irony would be quite rich.