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Sam Lutfi, the freeloader sponge hanger-on friend who has been all over around Britney Spears for more than a year now, is going to tell all. Under oath.

Well, sort of. He’s about to have his deposition taken in the singer’s ongoing custody battle with Kevin Federline, TMZ reports this morning.

Osama Lutfi was scheduled to arrive at the offices of K-Fed’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, earlier today. This should be very interesting.

Sam Lutfi (right), is Britney’s right-hand man, for better or worse.

Lutfi has tried to dodge this at every turn, even running from Aaron Cohen, who served him with a subpoena, earlier this year. That marked one of first times this celebrity gossip site had heard of good ol’ Sam. Ah, memories.

One of the lines of questioning Sam Lutfi will likely face in the deposition involves the popular celebrity photo agency X17. Kaplan wants to know if Britney made a deal with X17 to “catch” her living life – and if Lutfi is the bagman.

If Britney is making money from a photo agency – a theory that fueled even further by her recent “romance” with Adnan Ghalib – that wouldn’t sit well with Commissioner Scott Gordon. Stay tuned