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Sam Lutfi is the worst of the worst.

While Lynne Spears, Jamie Spears, Adnan Ghalib and, of course, Britney herself are to blame for the singer’s free fall from grace, supposed friend Lutfi shoulders most of the current blame.

He’s an enabler.

Hey God dude, it’s Brit Brit here! Thanks so much for your mocha fraps and the invention of the Internets and those kids of mine! I forget their names, I won’t be seeing them for awhile… but dang, they’re cutie pies! Mmm… pies.

Lutfi defends Spears throughout her most asinine decisions, the most recent of which involved ignoring a custody hearing and ensuring the loss of visitation rights simply because a throng of reporters were awaiting Brit at the court house.

In a ludicrous attempt to explain yesterday’s course of action, Lutfi told E! News via text message that the paparazzi awaiting the singer’s arrival made it impossible for her to enter the building, as there was “no way to get her out of the car safely.”

Right, Sam. As if she wouldn’t fight through them to go to Taco Bell.