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There were singers aside from Carly Smithson that impressed us during last night’s American Idol auditions. Three in particular stood out:

1. Michael Johns: That Australian accent might be enough to help this crooner continue to advance. We certainly swooned as soon as Johns opened his mouth. Once he sung “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long,” though, we agreed with and Simon Cowell that he sounded great, like a “white soul singer.”


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2. David Archueta: This 16-year old suffered from vocal chord paralysis growing up, but that didn’t stop him from an impressive rendition of “Waiting on the World to Change.” Sob story alert! Viewers love that.


3. Samantha Musa: Probably has less of a chance to advance far as the prior two gentlemen… but we loved Samantha! She was joined in her audition by her sister, who sat on Simon’s lap and told the judge he was one of three people in the world she wanted to meet (along with Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama, naturally).

Musa seemed legitimately humble, adorable – and talented! Check out her audition of “Until You Come Back to Me.”