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Is Britney Spears in the market for a new celebrity gossip photographer beau?

In the wake of her (supposedly) filing a restraining order on photographer / boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, she’s taken up with … Filipi Teixeira!

On Saturday night, Britney invited this hot photographer into her Cadillac Escalade, then later invited him over to her mansion.

Interestingly, Filipi Teixeira was arrested last week for reckless driving – cops pulled him over for chasing Britney Spears at high speeds.

Filipi Teixeira and two big reasons he likes Britney Spears.

As we reported earlier, Adnan Ghalib appears to be in the dark about their relationship ending and the restraining order against him.

Wait until he learns about these pics – Britney Spears canoodling with not only Teixeria, but Chad Hardcastle and, of course, Sam Lutfi!

Poor Adnan.