Ray J: Don't Hate on My Hustle

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The debut album from American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis drops today.

But that isn't the only new CD receiving a great deal of buzz.

Ray J has released Ray J Unkut, an interesting mix of tracks that includes such titles as "No Porno Sh--," "Spendin' All My Bitches' Cash" and "Kim K Message (Parts 1 & 2)," a remix of private voicemails left by Kim Kardashian shortly after news of their sex tape broke.

As the brother of Brady explained to adult news organization, AVN, this has been an amazing year.

"I'm having way too much fun," he said. "It turned from crazy reactions to a crazy business. This has been a year-long story; that's the good thing about it. I'm talking about this sh-- daily. Whether it's commercial or X-rated, I'm not afraid of being successful."

Sounds like Ray J isn't exactly ashamed about leaking the Kim Kardashian sex tape to celebrity gossip outlets.

Ray J, ever the good samaritan, is just thinking about us. He wants to keep people entertained. Unlike reports of Britney Spears' pregnancy, the artist is nothing if not straightforward and honest.

"What I want to do is make sure people are entertained with great stories, and that's what I deliver on this CD," he said. "I'm puttin' it all out on the table. I talk about my boys f---in' their homegirls and Paris Hilton don't like it... I'm incorporating my life into my music, which is the only honest way to be."

What about the betrayal of Kim, Ray? Feel any remorse over showing the world how you railed her from behind and had her screaming your name in ecstasy?

"That [video] was for me to see," Ray J said.

"She loved it. We had a fun relationship; what you see is how I am in real life. All I know is we had fun, we did what we did, and it's over."

And it's not as though the video hasn't helped Kim Karadashian's career. As Jennifer Toof can attest, sex tapes equate to fame.

No wonder Ray J looks at himself like a successful entrepreneur.

"A lot of people are buying this," he said. "It is what it is. Don't hate on my hustle; this is America."


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