Chace Crawford, Keri Russell Take in Knicks Game

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Alright, we admit to misleading you a little bit with that headline. There are times as a celebrity gossip site when you must take such opportunities.

They weren't there together - Keri Russell and Shane Deary (her husband, not pictured) were merely sitting next to Chace Crawford. But would it shock you if the Gossip Girl star made a move on her anyway? We think not.

Keri Russell Image

After all, he's already hooked up with Carrie Underwood, Katrina Bowden and quite possibly Leighton Meester - in the two months we've known who he is.

Keri Russell and Chace Crawford remain in good spirits despite the New York Knicks' dreadfulness. Then again, Chace is from Dallas, so he was likely loving this.

The hometown team lost, as predicted, to the Dallas Mavericks at Madison Square Garden. If Gossip Girl doesn't pan out for Chace Crawford, he should get his resume ready. He'd be an immediate upgrade over their current head coach.

That's right, Isiah Thomas. What are you gonna do, threaten us?

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