Bar Refaeli and Leonardo DiCaprio: Back On!

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After a brief break in October, Leonardo DiCaprio, 33, and Bar Refaeli, 22, were spotted holding hands at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills last week.

Are they back on? "They were never really 'off,'" a DiCaprio source tells Us Weekly. Nevertheless, Bar was linked to Kelly Slater in October.

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"It was always a distance thing," the source adds. "Leo was making a movie in Morocco [this year], and [Bar Refaeli] had her modeling career."

Rest assured, Leo is still seeing Bar Refaeli naked!

Bar Refaeli's mom, Zipi, said: "Bar is working all over the world."

Thanks for the clarification on that, Zipi.

Says another Leo DiCaprio friend, "It's a struggle to make a relationship like theirs work, but yes, they're still together."

This is getting tough to keep track of. Dating, not dating. Engaged, not engaged. It's like Rick Salomon and Pamela Anderson, only without the diseases.

You could say these two hotties are setting the Bar high for other couples trying to do the long distance thing. Sorry. We should be so fired for that one.

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