Alli Spencer: Dating Will MacKenzie, Posing for FHM

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We hadn't heard of Alli Spencer until recently.

But once we came across the girlfriend of professional golfer Will MacKenzie, well, we couldn't look away.

As Spencer opens up below to FHM about walking around naked (along with some other stuff we forgot about once we read that part), Elin Nordegren better look out. She has serious competition for PGA hottie...

We hear that you like to walk around your house naked. Let's talk a whole lot about that.
Yes, I do. I live with Will in south Florida and, I don't know, I just don't like clothes. I don't like underwear - I never wear them. The townhouse is pretty close quarters, but most people that live around us are old, so we don't have any peeping toms - that we know of!

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Say hello to Alli Spencer. You might wanna wipe that drool off first.

Considering that golf is full of fat old men wearing too much plaid, Will must be a hot commodity amongst the female fans. Do you have to beat girls away with a 9-iron?
They're usually wearing a dress or skirt and they look cute, but they're way overdressed. A lot of them will lurk around with the kids waiting for autographs after the round. One time, a girl asked Will, "So what are you doing later?" right in front of me! He said, "I don't know, but you can ask my girlfriend." Good answer, buddy!

Hockey calls groupies like that "puck bunnies." What's the preferred golf terminology?
Straight up "pro hos."

In your FHM Online WebTV video, you do a pretty kick-ass Borat impression.
I love Borat, I've seen it six or seven times. I have a sense of humor like a 16-year-old boy - I like Ali G, Borat, Jackass and South Park.

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