Monique Shinnery Files Suit Against Dog Chapman

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The bark of Dog Chapman continues to bite back at this reality TV star.

The woman whose relationship with the son of Duane "Dog" Chapman led him to go off on his infamous N-word-laced rant against her is planning to growl back with a lawsuit of her own, according to the National Enquirer and TMZ.

Monique Shinnery, against whom Dog used the racial epithet several times during his taped tirade, tells the entertainment news outlet that she's going to sue for slander.

"I want justice," she said. "He has slandered me, stated that I have bad character and repeatedly lied about me on national television."

Chapman has said on his recent apology tour that he apologized to Shinnery, but her lawyer claims that Dog reached out through his attorny, not personally.

We wonder what Michael Richards would say about all this.

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