Julianne Hough: Helio Castroneves is Like a Brother

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Julianne Hough is aghast. She's appalled. She's simply shocked that anyone would consider her and fellow Dancing with the Stars champion Helio Castroneves to be a couple.

"Oh my gosh! No!" Hough told People magazine Thursday. "I love Helio like he is my brother. We are the best of friends."

We think we believe the 19-year old beauty, but she has to understand where the rumors are coming from: Immediately after the show's finale, Castroneves confirmed that he and his fiancée Aliette Vazquez had called off their engagement.

A friendly peck: Julianne Hough is adamant that she and Helio Castroneves are just friends. Really good looking friends.

Meanwhile, Hough dealt with a similar situation last May when she called off her engagement to Zach Wilson. At that time, the buzz was that she and partner Apolo Anton Ohno were an item.

Jennie Garth, though, appears to be the voice of reason, stating that Julianne has been at the center of these controversies because she's had undeniable chemistry with both of her Dancing with the Stars partners. But as the actress put it:

"When Julianne Hough dances she can have chemistry with a broomstick."

This just in, folks: Julianna Hough is dating a broomstick!

Next week, the dancer resumes recording songs for her upcoming CD, set to be released in early 2008. By then, she'll probably be linked to Tony Romo.

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