Jessica Seinfeld Defends Herself on The View

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As big fans of Jerry Seinfeld, it pains us to say that the comedian and his wife have mishandled the recent scandal involving the latter's cookbook.

A quick refresher: Jessica Seinfeld has been accused of stealing recipes for her best-selling tome from author and chef Missy Chase Lapine.

Jerry Seinfeld and Wife

The response of the Seinfelds has come across as rather cocky, however, each insulting Lapine harshly despite the fact that a) she hasn't released a single statement indicting Jessica of any wrongdoing and b) the reports are understandable, considering how similar the recipes in the books sound.

Instead of taking the high ground, though, Jessica appeared on The View yesterday and rattled on about her integrity:

I can understand why she would be upset. You know, first of all when you have a huge success, you know this, people tend to look for the cracks, anything that would break you down a little bit. There's always negative where there's positive.

This was such an immediate success, this book, that I think people were looking for things to pick a part, but I can understand why she would've been frustrated.

She did a book with a similar topic a few months earlier and it must have been hard for her to see how quickly my book took off. I never saw her book or her recipes. Never as a person would I do something like what I was accused of doing. I mean, I really didn't need to do this book.

The lawyer for Britney Spears didn't need to tell the world that Reg Jones took the singer's virginity either, Jess. But some people are just greedy.


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Jerry Seinfeld and Wife
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