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As we reported last week, Mary Delgado beat the crap out of Byron Velvick. This season’s finale of The Bachelor made fans want to do the same to its current star, Brad Womack, as well as ABC for blatantly misleading them.

ABC’s promotional push for last Monday’s season finale of The Bachelor has some viewers feeling they were duped hard, the N.Y. Daily News reports.

ABC promoted The Bachelor all week using a clip in which Brad Womack said he found the one. The clip was accompanied by the sound of a woman crying.

Based on the promo, die-hard viewers of the long-running series expected Brad found true love, or at least the reality TV show equivalent of it.

Sierra J.

What they got was anything but.

After a week-long blitz of promos promising the “most shocking” rose ceremony in history, and a season of interviews in which Brad Womack himself proclaimed to be “very happy” with the outcome, and even clips of Womack picking out a freaking engagement ring, the 11th bachelor and ABC pulled a fast one.

He chose neither DeAnna Pappas or Jenni Croft.

Viewers felt like they were left at the altar by Brad Womack.

“I have been watching The Bachelor series from the very beginning … but this is IT FOR ME!” wrote a frustrated fan on the show’s message board.

“I cannot believe that ABC would air a program that ended this way when it was clearly nothing but lies and manipulation on Brad’s part.”

Hell hath no fury like a viewer scorned.

“I guess we got wrapped up in the fairy tale of it. Many of us used The Bachelor to believe,” wrote another fan. “Unfortunately … now none of us will believe again. Thanks, ABC, for breaking our hearts! Too bad Brad was the bachelor to do it.”

Womack’s blunder means, no insane, desperate woman on The Bachelor has ever married her man. Shocking. An ABC spokeswoman had no comment.