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Brad Womack really should send flowers to Mary Delgado.

While this season’s Bachelor is still receiving plenty of flak for dissing both Jenni Croft and Deanna Pappas, Delgado has helped take some attention away from him by bloodying the lip of a past Bachelor star.

Meanwhile, the details have now emerged about just what led Mary Delgado to punching out Byron Velvick:

The couple were at a friends’ condominium last Tuesday night when an argument ensued between the pals they were visiting. Byron Velvick wanted to leave. But Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt Jim Bordner told The Tampa Tribune that Mary Delgado wanted to stay.

Photo via (C)Seigo Saito

After Mary and Byron got into Velvick’s truck they “became involved in an argument which turned physical,” the officer said.

“[Velvick] told deputies she started striking him in the chest [while] he pushed her to her side of the truck,” Bordner added.

Delgado, a 40-year-old Tampa resident, then struck Velvick’s mouth, causing the upper left side of his lip to split.

The former Bachelor went back inside the condominium to clean up while Delgado waited in the truck, which is when Velvick called the police and celebrity gossip blogs shouted with glee over the story.