Tony Romo, Alli Sims Clear the Air Regarding Britney

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Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, who just signed a new $67 million contract, credits his football position for the public interest in his love life.

Asked at a team press conference, the NFL star was asked this: "How do you respond to reports that you were with Britney Spears this weekend?"

Trashy Britney Spears

Romo laughed and replied simply, "I think [it] sometimes goes with this position. Being the quarterback ... you're at the same place with someone else and people just run with it now." Well, okay, if you say so, Tony.

The Cowboys signal-caller says he's no stranger to being celebrity gossip fodder, having been linked to Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood.

"So it's just the position, I guess, in some ways. And you just learn that and shake your head every once in a while and you move on."

Spears and Romo were spotted together last weekend at the L.A. restaurant Ketchup, where Romo was having dinner, and then later with Spears pal and possible cousin Alli Sims and others at the Hollywood hotspot Les Deux.

Alli Sims and Britney Spears: Kissin' cousins... or somethin'. 

Alli Sims takes issue one some of the accounts of their evening - such as the widespread reports that Spears gave a lap dance to Tony Romo.

Explaining their activities, Sims said, "We were in a private area upstairs and sat down talking most of the night, but did get up to dance a little."

"The story is untrue," says Alli Sims, Britney's former assistant. "Tony is a gentleman, and Britney wouldn't do that, especially to a friend of mine."

She would pass out in a hotel room full of hard drugs and Howie Day... or be bent over and railed wheelbarrow style by JR Rotem, though. Just saying.

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