Vera Mishina: I Slept with Cash Warren

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Talk about a misguided Cash deposit!

Celebrity gossip circles are reeling from the news that Cash Warren may slept with Russian model Vera Mishina, thereby screwing up his rekindled relationship with Jessica Alba.

Reportedly, the actress now regrets taking Cash back.

Jessica Alba and Baby Hayes Alba Warren

Mishina told her story to The National Enquirer, even passing a lie detector as she described "the night he picked me up and got me into his bed... acting like the world's biggest single man."

The random model went on to say: "But I found out that only hours after being with me, he was on a plane back to L.A., where he was then photographed having dinner with her (Alba) and acting affectionate."

That's true. We have the Jessica Alba picture to prove it.

No Money Shot, Honey: Cash Warren tries to explain away rumors of his cheating. Will Jessica Alba buy it? Will she give Cash credit for honesty? Can we come up with any more puns related to his name? Stay tuned!

"If he had told me they had gotten back together there's no way I would have allowed him to sleep with me," Mishina whined. "I now feel like all he wanted was a one-night stand. I feel used. Cash wasn't very honest to lead me along like he did. Jessica may want to rethink taking him back. He cheated on her the minute he was away from her."

Sounds like Cash will need to be pretty money to talk his way out of this dalliance.

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