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FBI agents working on the Tom Cruise extortion case raided a West Hollywood computer store and seized several computers – and one owner is steamed!

According to TMZ, Poppy Ruiz left a computer with Hard Drive 911 and owner Marc Gittleman, assuming it would be fixed and returned to her.

Didn’t happen!

Tom Cruise in 2015

FBI agents ganked her G4 MAC as evidence in a case involving stolen wedding photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Prosecutors say  Gittleman obtained more than 700 pictures of Cruise’s nuptials to Katie Holmes, and copied them onto his hard drive.

He then contacted celebrity porn and sex tape kingpin David Hans Schmidt, who tried to extort money out of Cruise before he got arrested.

Ruiz tells TMZ: “I love, adore, and so badly need my computer … not to mention the years worth of memories, programs, and iTunes.”

When Poppy contacted the FBI, she was told that it could take up to … (wait for it… we mean really wait for it) 11 years to get the property back.

Perhaps Cruise has one she can borrow until then? All we have to say is there had better be some hot Katie Holmes nude pics on there!

This probably wasn’t one of the stolen Tom Cruise photos involved in the investigation. At least we hope not. Katie Holmes’ hair looks dreadful!