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If anyone needs a break from Hollywood right now, it’s Britney Spears.

But if anyone else could use a bit of rest and relaxation, it’s Kristen Bell.

The former star of Veronica Mars is involved in numerous projects at the moment. She deserves the bikini-clad break it looks like she’s taken below.

Kristen Bell Is Ready to Host

Move over, Kristin Cavallari and your bikini. Another Kristen has something to say about looking good in a bathing suit.

Here’s a review of what Bell has been up to:

  • She recently completed filming on Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a movie title worth remembering when it hits the theaters in the spring. How come? Because it’s the next, hilarious Seth Rogan film.
  • She’s the voice of Gossip Girl in, well, Gossip Girl. That CW show is picking up a cult following.
  • She’ll be guest starring on the series Heroes, beginning in a few weeks. Perhaps you’ve heard of that NBC drama.

So, take a load off, Kristen. We can’t wait to hear and see more from you.