Hayden Panettiere: The Single

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Unlike Britney Spears, some singers' career prospects are actually trending up. Namely, a cheerleader who wants to be a rock star!

Well, she's not really a cheerleader, she just plays one on Heroes. But Hayden Panettiere is making a move into music as well, and a new single from Hayden is, surprisingly, not half bad. It's typical pop-rock cheesiness, yes, but not half bad.

Paris Protege

The lyrical brilliance of Hayden Panettiere is evident early on as the track begins with "So many memories of you and me, like the time we drove to the O.C. ..."

It's enough to bring a tear to one's eye.

Follow the link to here Hayden's "Your New Girlfriend" over at Perez Hilton.


Hayden Panettiere Biography

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Hayden Panettiere is a pretty and talented young star. You might know her from Heroes, though she has also starred in more than a dozen... More »
Palisades, New York
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Hayden Leslie Panettiere