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And now for your obligatory Lauren Conrad love life update!

The New York Post is reporting that The Hills star was seen “holding hands and making out with” Sean Zastoupil (pictured), a wannabe actor and backup dancer.

Not so, says Sean Zastoupil himself. The young stud denies the claims, posting the following message on his official MySpace blog:

You Know What You Did

“Well, once again I am getting messages asking if I am dating certain people. First it was Lindsay Lohan (Intriguing girl, one of my favorite celebs But have never met her!)

Now people are asking if I am currently Dating Lauren Conrad from the Hills (MTV) I met her one time at a Fashion show a couple years back but haven’t talked to her since! I heard from someone that the story was being leaked to a magazine and possibly sold.

People crack me up. It is never good to talk about people falsely but that is the way of Hollywood. I guess if it is a story you want to hear then what you pick and choose to hear from the story is what you will tell…”

Profound, Sean. Profound. This guy may not have a firm grasp on the proper use of capital letters, but he’s adamant that he never hooked up with Lauren Conrad.

Do you believe him? We’re not sure. One would think a man with a last name like Zastoupil would own up to it if he were trying to get famous, but maybe he’s just a gentleman.

Sean Zastoupil joins an illustrious, growing group (which includes NBA draft pick Josh McRoberts) as possible, unconfirmed hookups of LC this summer.