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As Hairspray hits the theaters today, one thing is for sure: We can’t get enough of Zac Efron!

The adorable young actor from High School Musical plays Link Larkin in the re-make. And USA Today was fortunate enough to sit down with Ashley Tisdale’s co-star. Here are highlights from the interview:

Zac Efron at 2017 MTV Awards
Photo via Getty Images
  • He swivels his hips, but his pelvis is kept in PG-rated check.
  • He recklessly risks detention as he stands up for Tracy and responds to a teacher’s question: “Kiss my behind!” Only he uses a much naughtier word. One Kim Kardashian specializes in.
  • He greets everyone, even Tracy’s taken-aback mom, Edna (John Travolta in fat drag), with the “Link wink,” a flirtatious move that reeks of processed cheese.

Producer Craig Zadan said of Efron:

“The original Link from Broadway was quite different from what [Zac Efron] is doing. He was more of a comic narcissist. Zac is sensitive, but not wimpy. He has that sort of masculine teen boy thing. His heart connects to Tracy’s heart, and you believe them together at the end.”

Moreover, Efron is no Jessica Simpson. This smarty maintained a 4.3 average in high school and still hopes to study film at USC.

Finally, what would an interview with this actor be unless he mentioned his relationship with Vanessa Hudgens?

“You know, I’ve worked with Vanessa a long time and she is an amazing girl. But right now, I just don’t want to be that 19-year-old kid talking about relationships. Wait 10 years and I’ll call you with a great revelation.”

Pretty mature there, Zac. Sounds like this relationship may Kristin Cavallari and Nick Zano-like potential.